We have all made numerous purchases throughout our lives. Some were necessary—food, for one—but others were inessential purchases that we cannot even remember enjoying. Working part-time has made me more attentive to each dollar is spent. Even with this mindset, however, sometimes my money truly was well-spent:

Hunter Buddy Forest

247994_1795689091164_5992406_n When I was little, my parents said that I could not have a pet unless I bought one myself. So I took them at their word. After saving $200, I rescued Hunter through Operation Greyhound. My life is undeniably better for having had him as my first roommate.



Spanish Steps

I ended up staying longer in Venice by myself after traipsing through Rome with some friends. There’s something about traveling alone that deeply ingrains independence and I would love do it again soon.


Escape Room


My roommate extolled the virtues of escape rooms to me for a while before I finally went with a group of friends. It was so much fun that I dragged my little cousin and aunt to go with me a second time. An hour of bonding through constant action and lots of puzzles was well worth the $28. In fact, since then, I have been looking into starting an escape room side hustle. If anyone has any tips, please let me know!


Nancy Drew Games


These games bring me so much nostalgia. My cousin and I always buy them whenever they are on sale and play them together. It is probably because of these games that I enjoy escape rooms so much.


Of course, there were many things that I bought over the years. Clothes, food, etc. But over time, those purchases fade away. Rather than accumulating forgotten items, I would much rather embark on unforgettable experiences.


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